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Need a job? Delta Direct Staffing is dedicated to helping each applicant find a job that fits their individual skills.

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Looking for Talent

Delta is not your typical staffing service. Our team has been working together for over 20 plus years. We’re real with what we can do and whom we can help. Finding people who will show up for work, stay for the entire day, and perform the work duties hired for is an everyday hiring challenge. Our approach is simple… fill one position at a time while helping one applicant at a time.

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Our values

"We respect and value our clients, our applicants and one another."

Delta Direct Staffing believes in very simple principles and values. Since 1983 when our doors opened, we have tried to stay true to one easy core value: help people have a better life, and treat them with respect and kindness. We are committed to our applicants, clients, vendors and community. Delta will always demonstrate integrity in all our actions and words.

5338 South Third Street #104
Louisville, KY 40214
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