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Let’s not make applying for a job harder than it needs to be! That’s why we keep it simple with easy online processes and face  time interviews. Our recruiters are here to assist, so let us guide you through getting registered with Delta Direct Staffing.

We make it easy to get a job. Start by filling out our online application, and we will guide you through Steps 2 - 5.
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The Interview
A recruiter will contact you with date and time
A link will be sent to you; once you complete the test the results are reviewed
Required Documents
Government stuff! W4, I-9, Form & Criminal background form
Drug Testing
An appointment will be set for you to come by and take your drug screen

Delta Direct Staffing wants the best for our employees and the clients that we support. We understand an illness or family emergency will arise causing an employee to miss work. Below you will find our attendance policy and how best to retain your position while working through our service.

Delta Direct Staffing has a mandatory attendance policy for all job assignments. If an employee does not show up for the assignment on day one and you have not notified our office, you will be terminated from that assignment and will have to wait 5-business days before being reassigned.

If you must miss work after starting your assignment, you must notify our office immediately with the reason for calling in. Each employee will be allowed 2 absences within the first 60-days of their work assignment. If you miss more than that and have not supplied us with a doctors-hospital note, you are at risk of being terminated and replaced.

Delta has a zero-tolerance level for employees showing up for work when they want. If this is your desired method for work, Delta Direct Staffing is not the service for you. We make a commitment to our clients and need applicants that feel the same way. By working together, we all experience success. Thank you.

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